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Re: [APD] CO2 won't dissolve- Update

You'll use more CO2 to maintain CO2 levels in your tank
with a diffuser than with and airstone like the Eheim.
There's a reason your reactor isn't working right for you
and solving that issue will do more for you in the long run
than then an airstone -- jsut my 2 pennies.

I'll guess that your were shedding CO2 so fast that you had
to try to inject it so fast that the reactor couldn't keep
up. Tame your tank as far as shedding the CO2 goes, turn
down the CO2 injection rate accordingly, and you'll have
good CO2 levels, no buildup in the reactor, and virtually
100% absorbtion of the CO2 into the water.

As for sumps, if your aquarium is already sloughing a lot
fo CO2, then changing to a sump won't make a big diff in
consumption -- It's sort of like, if you switch from big
pickup truck to an SUV, you won't get a big change in mpg.
However, if your set up is relatively efficient, then
changing to a sump can easily double your consumption or
more. At least that seems to be what the reports so far
have shown.

Scott H.

--- "jebrady7 at juno_com" <jebrady7 at juno_com> wrote:
> Thanks for everyone's thoughtful responses.  I had about
> an inch and a half of gas collected in the reactor when I
> got home and turned off the solenoid and let the pump run
> for 4 hours, during light and dark, and there was no
> change in the gas.  Didn't dissolve, didn't increase.
> I can't remove the bioballs, and the flow rate looks
> pretty wimpy with this pump.  In order to blow the
> undissolvable gas out I'll just have to use a stronger
> pump.  In the meantime, I dropped the filter down
> sideways, and the gas consumption dropped so radically it
> was shocking.  I was blowing off the CO2 almost as fast
> as it was diffusing in!
> So at this point, I'll change to the Eheim diffuser for
> the 30.  I have an overflow box/sump for the 65, and
> based on Mr. Booth's literature on the subject of CO2 and
> sumps, I thought I might not lose too much gas with that
> arrangement.  Now I'm not so sure.  I want to maintain
> about 25ppm, and the experience with the 30 has me
> reconsidering.

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