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Re: [APD] Filter versus Pump

Well, I bit the bullet and ordered an Eheim 2126.  Big Al's has it on sale
with all the media included for $219.99  (about $21 less without the media).
I ordered the thermofilter model, which includes the heater, so that I can
eliminate my Lifegard heater module, which I'm convinced is one of the
impediments to water flow and a collection point for the brown gunk I've
been plagued with.

Now, if possible, I'd also like to eliminate the CO2 mixing jar -- for the
same reasons.  (Not incidentally, my wife will also be able to reclaim
considerable real estate in the cabinet under the kitchen sink, which I so
unceremoniously usurped.  See www.fitchfamily.com/Equipment.jpg.)

Several people have suggested routing the CO2 tube into the uptake strainer
in the tank.  I could do that, although it would involve a much longer run,
another hole through the kitchen counter (wife less than enthusiastic about
that), and one more tube into the tank.  So, I was wondering if I could
somehow make a hole in the side of the input hose to the canister and glue
the CO2 line into that?  Would that work just as well?  And, if so, any
suggestions for a proper glue that would make the job watertight?  Thanks.

Oh, I should add that one factor that perhaps makes it easier for me than
others to upgrade with a clear conscience is that I can donate all the older
equipment to my son-in-law, a school librarian with a number of aquariums in
his library!  Maybe even take a charitable contribution deduction on my
income tax!

John T. Fitch

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