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[APD] CO2 won't dissolve- Update

Thanks for everyone's thoughtful responses.  I had about an inch and a half of gas collected in the reactor when I got home and turned off the solenoid and let the pump run for 4 hours, during light and dark, and there was no change in the gas.  Didn't dissolve, didn't increase.

I can't remove the bioballs, and the flow rate looks pretty wimpy with this pump.  In order to blow the undissolvable gas out I'll just have to use a stronger pump.  In the meantime, I dropped the filter down sideways, and the gas consumption dropped so radically it was shocking.  I was blowing off the CO2 almost as fast as it was diffusing in!

So at this point, I'll change to the Eheim diffuser for the 30.  I have an overflow box/sump for the 65, and based on Mr. Booth's literature on the subject of CO2 and sumps, I thought I might not lose too much gas with that arrangement.  Now I'm not so sure.  I want to maintain about 25ppm, and the experience with the 30 has me reconsidering.

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