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[APD] Re: Superglue


Diane Brown <debunix at well_com> wrote:

snip... But there are several new wipe-on or spray-on liquid sealants for cuts that are being sold over the counter that seem to hold up pretty well even when I'm changing water and gardening and rounding up fish keeping things wet for several hours at a time. Wonder if any of them would be good for "gluing" in the tank?

They may be, but your use around water alarmed me, a bit. *Mycobacterium marinum* (aka Fish TB, Fishkeeper's Finger, or Swimmer's Granuloma)loves tropical fish tanks, and is present in many, if not most of them.

Take it from one who has BTDTBTWW, it is a tough one if you get infected. Most antibiotics do not work at all, and the two or three left (that it is not resistant to) are ludicrously expensive. I had to take 2 $6 pills per day for over 6 months to get rid of it, and my infection was mild and caught pretty early.

I did have to fire two Drs. who refused to believe that I knew what my infection was. Finally found a tropical-disease specialist who immediately recognized it and gradually relieved the ulceration and painfully swollen lymph nodes with Biaxin.

I would be very reluctant to trust any spray-on bandage when surgical gloves are so cheap (vets have nice long ones). It's hard to catch, but too nasty to risk, so full prevention is a good idea if you have a cut or scrape.

I'm also reluctant to offer medical advice to the professionals, but my experience is that the disease is so uncommon that it isn't really understood by most physicians. YMMV.


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