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Re: [APD] Hoods/canopies

A few thoughts based on my 30g:

A 20H is small enough that the hood can be easily lifted
off and set to the side. If the aquarium is on a table or
other surface wider than the tank, then you can set the
hood there and still have light in the tank.

If not, then one option I like is to have a hood narrow
enough that the front glass-top piece can be opened or a
hood that can fold back on itself and allow the same
access. For really heavy duty replanting/pruning, the hood
and glass both come off, but most of the time it's not

Marienland put the lights in the Eclipse hoods in the front
-- they can get away with a lower light level and algae
problems are less for many of the Eclipse users. But it's a
hard to prune with the light lifted up and shining in your
eyes instead of in the tank.

I have a couple of 20g tanks inthe basement with some hoods
I made out of cherry wood that basically replicate the size
and shape of standard plastic hoods, The AHS bright kit in
each allows me to use 36w or 55w bulbs. The glass top folds
 back and leaves enough room to fit my hand through. I can
get most prunig done that way.  Sometimes for items in the
back, I just slide the glass top and hood forward. Either
way the thank is fully lit the whole time.

Scott H.

--- Laura Wichers <cellostix at wtw_waveform.net> wrote:
> I currently have an Eclipse 3 hood/filter system on my
> 20H tank.  It used 
> to be a cichlid tank but a few years ago I switched it
> over to 
> planted.  Since then I've discovered the Eclipse to be a
> royal pain when it 
> comes to trimming, planting, etc.  I have to take the
> light fixture off, 
> and then the hood-mounted filter gets in the way.  I'm
> considering 
> switching to a glass-top or preferably an semi open-top
> tank (would still 
> have to have the light sitting on the tank).
> I've looked through some of the archives but haven't
> found quite what I'm 
> looking for, which is pictures of different tops of this
> type of tank top 
> set-up.  Recommendations for which might be better in the
> long run would be 
> great, too if anyone wants to throw them out there.
> Laura
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S. Hieber

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