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[APD] Change in light intensity when switching

Heya everyone!

On some advice from this list, I went out and purchased a Heto 3' double light fixture (for the Al reflectors, and the proper ballasts, not to mention better looks!). My previous setup was a DIY 3' double fluoro light fixture of the ceiling variety, with Al foil reflector. Me thinks that the Heto reflector would be brighter... but it turns out that with the Heto, the light intensity seems to drop noticeably. Is this because the improper ballast on my DIY light fixture was overcranking my light tubes? BTW, I use Life-Glo and Power-Glo tubes. Is a bit dissapointing to see me spend extra money on something that does not do as good a job as my cheapie home-job.
Thanks for the imput,
- Seweryn

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