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[APD] APD Majordomo burps

Hi Cynthia,

There seem to be strange little burps (or is it farts?) with our list server
software lately. It's taking the header & content of an email message &
jamming the whole mess onto the end of the previous entry. It looks like a
mess & ruins the threading features of the FINS archive. [ok finished
complaining] I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Any hope that this will be cured shortly? Is it caused by a previously
undiscovered glitch in the software such as a new message arriving before
the server has finished processing the previous one? Do we have new server
software and a regression? Could we cure it by backing out to an older
server? Is the Majordomo guru working on it? Are we being hacked? When (or
Will) it be fixed (if ever)?

Ok, I've surely used up my question quota for this message.


teban AKA Wyatt Urp AKA DOC Holidays AKA Elvis AKA Steve P

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