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Re: [APD] rock vendor at convention

Shireen asked about a rumored rock vendor at the AGA convention.  That would 
probably be me.  I gave a talk on aquascaping with stones, hauled some rocks 
out there to demonstrate different kinds of rocks and tests for good/bad 
rocks and I donated some rock sets for the auction.

I'm willing -- maybe even eager -- to help people with their questions about 
rocks.  I might even go as far as collecting rocks for someone or acting as a 
guide for someone who wants to collect some good stones.  If I did that it 
would be by arrangement.  I'm certainly not going to be a conventional vendor 
of ornamental stones.

I don't think that Feller Stone has to worry about my competition.  
Collecting high-quality stones, cleaning them up, packing them in hand-made 
wooden boxes and shipping them was a time-consuming task and a big personal 
commitment.  Add to that the additional aggravation of having nice material 
broken in shipping.  I never imagined that I would need to label rocks as 
"Fragile."  Were I to price rocks high enough to justify my commitment to 
them then they would be very expensive.

Roger Miller
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