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[APD] comment about the AGA Aquascaping contest

I just finished viewing the 2003 entries, and was
absolutely floored. It was incredible. All the
entrants should be very proud of themselves, every
single one of them.

It takes a pretty thick skin to enter a tank in this
contest. I saw several stunning tanks that didn't
even get an honorable mention, at the least! I felt
really bad for those folks.

All these tanks, actually I would prefer to call them
works of aquatic plant art, are a labor of love,
dedication, and great effort. If I were in their shoes,
I'd feel pretty hurt that my "kid" didn't get a ribbon.
Perhaps I'm being too sensitive ... I guess that means
I'll never have the stomach to enter this contest.

It's too bad society places such a premium on
competition. Personally, I would have enjoyed those
images so much more without having to see them through
the filter of the judges' comments and ratings.

my 2cents,

-- Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD whimbrel at comcast_net *** Wesley Clark 2004 *** *** http://www.clark04.com ***

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