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Re: [APD] A note on cold climes -- and Temperature Hikes

I can only answer regarding my own presumptions but they
are these. 

I presume that the thermostat is set closer to 78F in the
summer months, to conserve resources, if there is air
conditioning (or the house may be even warmer without AC)
and closer to 68F in the winter, for the same reason.

Surely some folks do just the opposite, run hotter in
winter, amd colder in summer. But we (or at least some of
us) hope they become more conservative ;-)

Scott H.

--- James Foley <foleyjames at shaw_ca> wrote:
> This kind of thing always brings me out of lurker mode
> wherever I see it.
> Why do people assume that because a place drops below
> freezing in the winter
> that our houses are cold?
> In the summer our house stays at 18-20C with the help of
> the air
> conditioner.
> In the winter, the house stays at 22-24C, thanks to the
> furnace. That's
> right. Warmer rooms in the winter. Light up the fireplace
> and the temp gets
> up to 28-30C easily.
> We do not live in igloos.   :o)

S. Hieber

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