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Re: [APD] rock vendor at convention -- or - Convention Rocked withRocks

Hi Shireen,

Hey, that's no vendor, that's Roger Miller!

I believe Roger donated to AGA the rocks that he brought to
the convention for excellent presentation on rocks in
aqauria. The nice wood shipping/carrying cases that Roger
built were sold along with them. In the silent auction, the
$70 minimum bid on each of the three sets of rocks was set
by a number of folks offering opening bids that high. A
person needed somewhat more than that to finally walk away
with any of the rocks.

As soon as the video tape is available for sale on the AGA
web site, those that didn't make it to the convention will
have a chance to see Roger's presentation, along with the
rest. If you're tired of having only driftwood to plant
around, rocks are a natural and Roger's talk is an
excellent primer on what to look for, how to test, what not
to use, what is visually interesting, nutrient requirements
(just kidding), etc.

I believe these rocks were all carried out of the New
Mexico mountains on Rogers back. I don't think he does that
on a frequent basis -- how many rocks can one man carry?

Scott H.

--- Shireen Gonzaga <whimbrel at comcast_net> wrote:
> Hi ..
> I heard there was a vendor selling decorative rock at the
> convention. Does anyone have his or her name and tel. #,
> and website address?

S. Hieber

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