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[APD] Re: UV Question

> Could someone explain this to me... The Aqua Pro series 9 watt is 
> cheaper 
> than the 6 watt. Ideas why? Is the 9 watt an inferior model? Also, 

Can't explain why, but the 9 watt sounds better to me. More power! <tim allen grunting sounds! ;)>

> on the 
> product description, it says that the unit will kill algea growth 
> and 
> "reduces harmful bacteria". Does this mean that it is not very 
> efficient at 
> killing the bacteria?

Depends on the type of bacteria. They can't make the claim that it will kill all types of "harmful bacteria". Most vegatative cells are very susceptible to UV, but spore formers such as Bacillus sp. are very resistant. But, if it is a bacterial bloom you're experiencing, then I doubt they're "harmful bacteria" at all anyway (your fish are fine right?). If it were me, I'd just keep up my regular tank maintenence and wait it out.

Clint Brearley
Melbourne, Australia

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