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[APD] Re: UV Sterilizer

ill effects from using it for weeks at a time.  Some people have it hooked
in-line and leave the light unplugged until it is needed, others run it

Running the UV unit inline with water circulation but WITHOUT the UV part running is probably a bit of a problem. Normally nothing grows in the UV compartment due to the UV, but without the UV running you will build up gunk that will reduce the effectiveness of the UV unit when you are running it.

BTW, for all the debate about UV filters and wattages: It is the *contact time* at a given intensity level that kills stuff. For lower wattage units just use lower flow rates, for higher wattage units you can use higher flow rates. Using a high-wattage unit at a low flow rate will kill more of more resistant critters than a high flow rate on the same unit for example. I suppose that in really murky water a higher-wattage unit would also work faster to clear a tank since the higher intensity UV light would penetrate further into the water in the unit's contact chamber and thus kill more of the nasty critters on each "pass".

For occasional use one of the little 9-13 watt units with a small powerhead should be pretty effective.


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