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[APD] re: CO2..... biowheel??

>> CO2.....Should I remove the biowheel entirely from the equation?

I originally started out my planted tank efforts with a 55 gallon and an
Emperor filter with bio-wheels.  I initially had a DIY co2 system with two
2-liter bottles.  I got some benefit and saw what co2 could do.  I
eventually replaced the DIY with a pressurized co2 system and at the same
time mothballed my Emperor and replaced it with an Eheim Pro.

I agree with the prior reply to your post that the bio wheel will waste a
lot of your co2 although I don't have scientific before/after figures to
back it up.

And, in case your DIY reactor is not yet built, take a look at this one
which I think is a great design:
It has a cleanout port in the design.

Bob Alston
BobAlston9 at AOL_com


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