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Re: [APD] choices: Eheims

The 2026 and the 2028, dspite Eheim's flow ratings have the
exact sampe motors, motor head assemblies -- everything is
the same except the height of the canister.  So the 2028
can hold more detritus but it won't have a higher flow rate
under the same conditions of use as the 2026.  Unless the
extra media capacity is important to you (for example you
want more biomedia due to a high fish load), save money and
buy the 2026.

Other than that anomaly in how Eheim rates the water flows,
they're darn nice filters. Very easy to use and maintain
and very reliable.

Consider also the Via Aquas.  They are much much cheaper.
Tom Barr has reported good things about them and I have had
excellent experiences with Via Aqua.

Good luck, congrats on getting to set up a tank,
Scott H.
--- Bill Lynn <wlynn at telus_net> wrote:
> Well, with all the Eheim talk....
> I am finally resetting my planted aquarium up after a
> couple years of sheer
> laziness(it was set up from '89 to '01). I had a Wet/dry
> setup before but
> the problem is noise( Iwaki pumps are supposed to be
> quiet....hmm...my
> definition of quiet and theirs are different...) from
> pumps, overflows and
> the filters combined with having a non-aquarist spouse.
> There is a issue of space, my wet/dry will not fit in the
> cabinet(and it is
> in the living room).
> I have been looking at the Eheim 2026 (it will fit in the
> cabinet) and my
> aquarium is 100 US gal. The rest of the equipment is
> Dupla (undergravel
> heater, CO2 etc).
> Any advice, comments on whether to use the larger,2028,
> is the Ehein skimmer
> worth it?( or just a PITA..first word:pain).
> I would prefer to use the wet/dry but I need a house!
> Thanks...
> William Lynn
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