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[APD] Re:EcoComplete

I have recently used this product on a 200 litre tank.  I must say I am
very pleased with it so far.  Tipping it straight from the bag into the
tank was quite a sublime experience :-)  I very much like the black
colour, and I have been pleasantly surprised to see that the colours of
some of the fish have significantly darkened & intensified in response
to the substrate colour (SAEs & Clown Loaches in particular).  The
particles have a rounded finish and range from approx 1-3mm.  I have
found the product's ability to 'grip' newly planted stems, glosso etc to
be excellent.
Only drawback so far is that, despite assurances on the pack that this
would not happen, the KH has risen from 4 to 8.  It seems similar to
Onyx in this respect.  I would follow Tom Barr's recommendation for
adding some peat to the bottom layer if I were to use it again.  I
expect the KH will return to normal over time, we shall see.
EcoComplete comes in packs of 9kg, but it is packed wet so I think you
get about the same quantity in a pack as a 7kg bag of Flourite - so you
can still use Jared's Flourite calculator if you want to work out how
much you need.
For any UK members interested in using this product, I bought it from
The Water Zoo in Peterborough.
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