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[APD] Re: copper and tread algae, survey

On 9/7/03 4:44 AM, "aquatic-plants-request at actwin_com"
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> copper and tread algae, survey

> Were the snails/ shrimps affected too? If yes it was probably the copper.
> However some algaes are more sensitive to copper than snails, so if the
> answer is no, it still could have been the copper. Shrimps are IME very
> sensitive to copper.

Actually yes most of the smaller snails were floating on the surface the
next morning;they looked like they had tried to escape their shells. Then
the two loaches finished the rest. I don't really like snails they are like
roaches <g> So I am happy to be snail free.

Larry Jones 
ljones at usc_edu

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