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[APD] Re: copper and tread algae, survey

>I had lots of thread like really gossomer algae a few
> months ago. ... I had some powdered trace mix from a local
> hydroponics store. Sorry I can't find the percentage of elements right
> Well I added about 1tsp to the sump and the water turned cloudy and
> I figured this was from the copper. The next day when I arrived home the
> tank was clear. Now one strand was remaining. I had twirled and pulled out
> large amounts of this stuff and it always grew back quickly often the fish
> would have to fight threw it when I left it more than 5 days. Well it has
> been several months and it has not comeback. Have had some Bluegreen slime
> which we won't talk about<g>. Just wanted to know if anyone else had this
> experience. Think it was the copper that killed the algae or???

Where the snails/ shrimps affected too? If yes it was probably the copper.
However some algaes are more sensitive to copper than snails, so if the
answer is no, it still could have been the copper. Shrimps are IME very
sensitive to copper.

Interesting topic for a survey; to find out if copper in trace element mixes
is a main reason that many aquarists don't encounter problems with thread
algae. So:

Please post if you are having thread algae problems AND are using/not using
a trace-element mix with Copper (Cu). If using, what is the concentration of
copper in the mix and the dosing routine?



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