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[APD] MgSO4, Ca and NO3

Tom Barr wrote:
>>> You do not need the MgSO4, with a GH of 6-8 likely.

Good you mention this. I don't know if it's my imagination
but I think I get signs of calcium deficiency when I dose
MgSO4 in the 7 ppm range, so now I use half the dose,
and now with your tip I will try and not dose MgSO4
at all.

The only APD-message I found regarding Ca:Mg
ratios was Roger S. Millers 10:1, 1:10 rule of thumb:

With a KH of 2 and a GH of 10 and 10 ppm MgSO4 -
is it possible I've overdone the Mg-part?

>>> Advanced folks seem to get lazy and assume too much about having a CO2

This is very true. I've had bad reactors and have relatively bad pH-testkits
but I think I'm hovering around 6.0 and 6.5 with a KH of (I think) 2.
I will try to get more exact numbers of alkalinity and TH.

>>> I'd doubt the kit if that happened and the kit said 5-15ppm.

The test kit is actually quite good and accurate (JBL) - especially
in the low ranges (0,1,5,10 etc).
My tapwater doesn't have any NO3 at all and I've done test measurings by
dosing certain amounts of KNO3 with the PMDD-calculator and the test-kit
responds *exactly* as I dosed. The JBL Fe, and PO4-tests are also
very good at the low ranges *thumbs up*.

The 5-15 ppm range is: 15 after wc and 5 at the end of the week.
Actually it fluctuates and I measure/dose continuously so it doesn't
drop under 5 ppm.

BTW. I tried to limit NO3 totally to get better red colors. Bad idea
as you always say Tom. The plants stopped growing and algae came.
The redness? Well. Some brownish-junk-red I managed to induce,
but I want the intense Amano-reds in L. arcuata.

// Daniel.
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