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Re: Flourite as a substrate for Corydoras catfish?

At 03:43 AM 4/28/2003, Cheryl Trine wrote:

All the advice I have read about keeping Cory cats indicates that the
gravel substrate should be rounded so that they won't wear their barbels
down to nubs.  After I washed my flourite with bare hands, they felt
rather rough and scraped up, so I am wondering if this is an appropriate
substrate for a planted tank with cory catfish.

Flourite is fine. The stuff you don't want would have left lots of punctures and cuts on your skin-some gravels have glassy and other sharp stuff in them. Flourite is actually pretty soft.

For proof, dump enough grindle worms in the tank that a bunch make it to the Flourite. You'll see your corys dig around and nail every one, even if it takes hours. This is a daily show in my tank.