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Re: feeding Bristle-noses

At 03:43 AM 4/28/2003, June Olberding wrote:

Yesterday I inherited 6 Bristle-noses. Way more than I have algae for and a
couple are not fat, to say the least.
I am offering them canned green beans and frozen peas.
Would appreciate recommendations on feeding.

Sliced zucchini seems to be the favorite. Raw is fine, or blanch or freeze it to help it sink, or use a clip or rubber band to a stone. Leaving it in the tank for a day isn't a problem like it is for flakes or pellets. The four bristlenose in my tank get two slices every other day, plus all the algae they can eat. Give them some caves and they'll breed for you, but six adults in one tank may be too many...

WARNING: Scrub or remove the skin. I do both, after losing several fish in one bad day to pesticide on the skin.