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re: float valves


I have been using SpectraPure's float valves for 4 years on my RO 
reservoirs and on my hard well water reservoirs with no problems. 
See http://www.spectrapure.com/St_alc_p4.htm#options .  You want part 
SPFK which costs $12.  They also sell adapters to go from garden hose 
or pipe thread to the 1/4" plastic tubing commonly used on RO 
systems, etc.  A simple twist of the float arm lets you switch the 
float for use in a vertical or horizontal installation.  If you call 
them, they will send you one already set up for your orientation 
(vertical).  I have found this company to be extremely knowledgeable 
and helpful.  I have used their 80 GPD RO system for 4 years now with 
no problems.

If you still have the cap for the bung hole, you could easily install 
the float valve on that.  Otherwise, drill the correct size hole 
right next to the bung hole so you can slip your fingers in to hold 
the nut while you spin the valve to tighten it down.

I tried agricultural float valves prior to these.  The agricultural 
valves were much larger, more expensive, and tended to clog up from 
my well water.