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Re: SAE's & Java Moss -- or - Is it the Menu or Location Location Location?

Rick Engstrom said, in part, about his SAEs not eating java

> I was watching mine today and they not only
> don't eat Java
> Moss they seem to stay away from it. My SAE's are all
> over the broad leaf
> plants eating a bit of hair algae but have nothing to do
> with the Moss. . . 

Hmmmm, maybe if you feed them hair algae, they'll lay off
the moss.  Otoh, when I Christmas moss in my tanks, the
SAEs nibbled some but didn't decimate the stuff and I
didn't have any hair algae -- or else the SAEs were eating
all of the hair algae as fast as it would grow.

Also, their tastes seem to change as they age; folks have
often noted that the elders seem to be lazier about algae. 
Perhaps that enters into it?

Also, ime, they love Foxtail but won't go up near the
lights for it.

Scott H.

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