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>>> My 29G tank has been doing great except for this one pesty stringy 
>>> algae. Anyone know what it is called? 
>>> http://www.fishlinkcentral.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=973


>>> I've been keeping my parameters right where they need to be.

>It'll hang out sometimes but if you keep the CO2/PO4 high and NPO3 in a
>decent range, it goes away. Amano shrimps certainly eat this. Also pruning
>the areas that are infested. So the Gloss needed trimmed. I've been able to
>keep this at bay and eliminated with any herbivores.


What range should the PO4 be in to classify it has high? I've had it up to
.2ppm lately. Should I keep all other ferts where in the recommended range
or lower them some? Would cutting back on light load from 2+ watts/ gallon
with PC to 1watt/ gallon be helpful? What's NPO3? I'm dosing Nitrate's and
Phosphates already is NPO3 different?