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Re: Cutting Spam -- Popping Pop-ups -- Caving the Dataminers

Rick Engstrom explained how to reduce spam saying:

> Do you visit internet sites relating to Tropical Fish and
> find pop up's of
> all sorts coming up. I get these messages every now and
> again and no doubt
> your cookie trail is being obtained from fish sites. Your
> response asking to
> be removed from their lists simply confirms to them that
> you have a legit
> email address and you can expect more and more messages.
> Install spybot.com
> and run the program every few days. You can also install
> cloudmark.com which
> is a great anti spam program that thousands of people
> use. It does not
> delete any mail from your computer , simply puts any
> piece of email that is
> identified by you or any of the thousands of other people
> that use the
> program into a spam folder that you can review and delete
> them all at one
> time. If you get mail that goes into the spam folder that
> you want to
> receive you simply "unblock" the message and it is sent
> back to your in
> folder. Great programs.

Indeed so.  And there are lots of other such programs
around, both inexpensive shareware, well-crafted
commerical, and freeware.  Some programs have all three
versions.  There's the original anti-spy/anti-dataminer
software, Ad-Aware from Lavasoft, and the everpopular
Ad-Substract.  It's as big a field of programming as
anti-virus software.  Sad but true, unless you like all the
popups, searches of your cookies, etc then you need some of
this software just like you some decent antivirus software.
 I hear the privacy and ad-blocking in Norton is much
improved with the last version.

Scott H.

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