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Re: grey slime

<< William, 

Does the slimy stuff tend to grow on the edges of
leaves?  Is there a bunch of blackish, bubbly snot
looking stuff on the surface?  Is some of it a darker
grey? >>

I haven't noticed any of these things. It looks, actually, just like grey
cobwebs "draped" over my bunch plants, from one plant to the next. I
can't really tell if it's on the "edge" of the leaves (that Rotala has
awfully small leaves!), but it goes from plant to plant, sending out
"streamers" that seem to be up to six inches long. It's all the same
shade of grey/off-white.

Maybe I need photos, my our digital camera just won't do the close-up
photos that would help in IDing this stuff.

<<I had that stuff.  Or what your description sounds
like to me anyway.  I had it analyzed at my
university's lab building.  It actually is an algae,
although he wasn't able to say exactly what kind.  I
noticed it would grow most where dirt would accumulate
on leaves (moreso back when I didn't have enough
filtration).  It apparently uses detritus and surface
film as a base to grow on.>>

I have it growing in lots of the cleaner parts of my tank, including
right in the filter outflow (Aquaclear HOT power filter).

<<What kind of filter are you using?  I hooked up an
Aquanetics UV sterilizer up to my Eheim Professional
2222.  This combined with repeated manual removal
using a baster and brine shrimp net was the ONLY way I
was able to get rid of it.  Proper nutrient management
didn't work.  A fellow club member and fellow APDer
Tom Connors has had the same experience.
It takes a couple days to work, so hang in there.  The
Aquanetics unit was the best $70 (with shipping from
That Pet Place) I ever spent.>>

This stuff is still attached to the plants, not free-floating, so I don't
see what the UV would do. It's kind of icky to remove... It "dissolves"
when I grab it and little itty bits float away... Is that what the UV is

I'm not sure whether I can scrounge up enough for a UV--I'm still in high
school, LOL!--but I'll see about it if it's really necessary...



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