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Re: Endler's


You deserve a lot of credit for maintaining that strain of Endler's for so 

The pictures that I've seen of Endler's (or of  fish that were purported to 
be Endler's) showed a lot of variation among the males.  I'd guess that your 
males show less variation because of the generations of inbreeding.  Do you 

And are you suggesting that the fish from your friend from Miami are really 
not Endler's but hybrids?  Either way, they sound  pretty neat.  

Good luck.


<<I've got a stunning example of it at home. I maintain a batch
of Endler's Livebearers that are direct descendants of the
original stock caught by John Endler back in 1975 in
Laguna de Patos in Venezuela (the only known location for
this fish). That means they have no "guppy" genes mixed
in. All my males have colorful patterns with very little variation
from each other. Then, a very nice person in Miami, who
collected from the same location in the late 1990s, sent me
some of his fish. The difference was amazing! The variety of
patterns in the "almost wild" males really blew me away.>>