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Re: grey slime


Does the slimy stuff tend to grow on the edges of
leaves?  Is there a bunch of blackish, bubbly snot
looking stuff on the surface?  Is some of it a darker

I had that stuff.  Or what your description sounds
like to me anyway.  I had it analyzed at my
university's lab building.  It actually is an algae,
although he wasn't able to say exactly what kind.  I
noticed it would grow most where dirt would accumulate
on leaves (moreso back when I didn't have enough
filtration).  It apparently uses detritus and surface
film as a base to grow on.  

What kind of filter are you using?  I hooked up an
Aquanetics UV sterilizer up to my Eheim Professional
2222.  This combined with repeated manual removal
using a baster and brine shrimp net was the ONLY way I
was able to get rid of it.  Proper nutrient management
didn't work.  A fellow club member and fellow APDer
Tom Connors has had the same experience.
It takes a couple days to work, so hang in there.  The
Aquanetics unit was the best $70 (with shipping from
That Pet Place) I ever spent.  


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