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Re: grey slime

>I haven't noticed any of these things. It looks,
>actually, just like grey
>cobwebs "draped" over my bunch plants, from one
>plant to the next. 

That could be it.  Are there upward strands that
pearl?  I hated that stuff!

>This stuff is still attached to the plants, not
free->floating, so I don't
>see what the UV would do. 

It kills the cells floating through the water.  You
remove the rest.  

>It's kind of icky to remove... It "dissolves"
>when I grab it 

Sure sounds like it to me.  

>and little itty bits float away... Is that what the
>UV is

No.  Suck it up with a baster and shoot it through a
brine shrimp net.  

>I'm not sure whether I can scrounge up enough for a
>UV--I'm still in high
>school, LOL!--but I'll see about it if it's really

Do you belong to your local fish club or know anybody
that has one?  See if you can borrow one that runs off
a powerhead for a week or so.  You won't need it after
that.  If you have what I think you do, it WILL be


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