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RE: smelly-green-carpet like algea

Absolutely, I agree !  There were indeed long discussions about this
when I posted that I had treated my tank with erythromycin.  I was told
that it wouldn't work (even though it already had).

However, it is now two or three months later, and I haven't seen a trace
of BGA since then, not even the tiniest speck.  The tank that had this
awful problem is beautiful, clean, sparkling, and the plants are growing
like crazy ! ! !  You should remove as much of the yucky stuff by hand
first, then treat with the antibiotic.


> Subject: Re:  smelly-green-carpet like algea
> Thats easy. Blue-Green algae. Not a true algae...an 
> anti-biotic kills it. And while I am POSITIVE you will get 
> very long detailed arguements about going thru a long drawn 
> out process to "treat the source of the problem" if you 
> simply treat it with Maracyn it will be gone in a week, and 
> if you do it right it will never come back for a long time. 
> There is detailed discussions on the KRIB for a one week treatment.