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Re: Pruning Glosstigmata

We originally *did* have a 5" deep layer of glosso -- I too was afraid to 
give it a crewcut until I could stand it no longer and it turned out fine. 
As long as the root system is good, it will grow. After that, ours remained 
close to the ground. You can see the tall glosso 
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/photo2.htm as it was in our old 
angel setup. In our discus setup it has always hugged the substrate and 
looks like this http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/discus/glosso.htm

We had a terrible 4 month BBA war, which we finally won, and the glosso is 
making its way across the tank 
http://www.brainyday.com/jared/aquarium/discus/discus15.htm In any case, 
you may want to experiment by cutting just a few inches and making sure 
that new leaves appear.


Jared Weinberger
jared at brainyday_com