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M3 Hexo-manifold

Just thought I'd relay my initial experiences with the M3 hexo-manifold for
supplying CO2 to multiple aquariums from a single CO2 tank.

First off, I have an Eheim regulator, so I had originally thought that might
not allow me to supply CO2 to multiple tanks, because it uses the European
"mini" airline tubing. Turns out (pleasantly) that's not so. The Hexo unit
can be installed inline, and at minimal expense and labor. The Hexo unit was
shipped to me with a couple of threaded adaptors, which presumably allow it
to be attached directly to a standard regulator via the hose barb or needle
valve output fitting on the regulator itself. this was not a viable option
for me, because on the Eheim regulator, the needle valve attached to the
regulator is very small.

That left me with the option of installing the Hexo inline. What I did was
use the obligatory mini airline off the Eheim regulator, and connected that
to standard size airline via a cheap Penn-Plax airline hose connector. That
hose connects to a brass fitting I got from Home Depot that screws directly
into the Hexo. After that, you just install your airlines to the separate
Hexo output/needle valves as necessary and run those hoses to your tank. I
had to open the Eheim needle valve a considerable amount, and then regulate
the CO2 flow via the Hexo needle valves, as you would expect.

My only gripe about the Hexo is the output hose connections. I had
originally tried to use the silicone (green-colored) hoses, but they
continually tore away at the Hexo fittings, for some reason. The did not
PULL OUT, but broke at the point of connection. I had no such problems when
using the conventional and much stiffer clear airline tubing, however, so
this gripe is minor.

All-in-all, a productive and not unpleasant experience/solution. Much easier
and cleaner than building a multiple-output system completely from brass
Home Depot parts. In the end also probably not much more expensive, if at
all, considering the Hexo has 6 needle valves already built in, and so far
they are adequate to my needs as far as sensitivity and ease of adustment

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