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Re: algae ID

Thomas Barr wrote:
> Entromorpha, staghorn. Might be something else in there.
>  Cut and trim it all off. Your tank likely had something recently done to
> upset it, generally a massive replanting, filter issue, pulling junk up from
> the substrate w/o a water change after etc. Poor CO2/nutrients can also make
> it appear. Nothing eats it(SAE's, Shrimps, snails, barbs will pick at it but
> also pull up furry looking plants). Best is to trim it, do a water change,
> make overall conditions good(add nutrients to decent target levels). It
> hangs on for a little while but will go away if you keep after things.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

Thank you for your response. I haven't really done anything to the tank
to disturb it, except to change out about 40 - 50% weekly with the
Python. No vacuuming or anything - just drain and fill. I have been
adding TMG at the rate recommended on the bottle with the water changes.
I would love to test for phosphates, but all the tests in the LFS here
use some sort of color graduations that are useless to me (being
colorblind). Same with nitrates. I can't shop for test kits online
because I have to look at the color chart before I buy to see if I will
be able to use it. Ugh.

Jerry Baker