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Pruning Glosstigmata

I've got my glosso growing great! I have it in the foreground (obviously) of
my 55g with 160w of light. It grows horizontally, except where excessively
shaded. In the open spaces, it's growing so well that it's forming a deep
(2" from gravel to the top of glosso layer) mat. At this stage, it's
continuing to grow horizontally but it's so dense that it's shading the
lower leaves, which are turning yellow and dying. this is only visible
directly against the glass, all other areas being covered by healthy green
growth on top.

Anyone have any tips for pruning this before I have a 5" deep layer of
glosso? I've tried pinching off the top layer runners that do tend to go
vertical, but to little effect. I'm afraid that "mowing" this lawn with
scissors will leave me with nothing more than a yellow lawn of those dying
leaves near the bottom level. I have visions of this taking over the
aquarium, like in that series of pics in one of the Amano books.

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