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Re: Tiny tank and tiny filtration options

> >I am wondering if anyone has experience with tiny pumps for
> >water movement and CO2 injection in small tanks (<2.5 gal)?  I
> >am looking at either getting a little Rio 50 or the smallest
> >micro-jet.  Also, couldn't find anything in the archives about
> >them... Chuck H. asked about the micro-jets back in Nov., but I
> >couldn't find any follow ups.  Any advice is appreciated.
> >
> >TIA,
> >Tony
> >
>I've kept and will probably have another 2.5G tank setup again soon.  One of
>the best filters that I have used for a tank this size was the Aquaclear
>mini.  I just turned down the flow of the filter and packed the filter with
>floss and two sponges for biological/mechanical filtration.  This will keep
>the flow down some.  I've also toyed with the idea of clipping the impellors
>some to reduce the flow even more for the filter, but I'm not sure how that
>would work.  It might be worth a try though.  Anyways, you can inject a
>small 20 oz. DIY CO2 into the intake and get CO2 for the plants that way.
>I've found the Rio50 is still too much flow for the tank and takes up too
>much room in the tank itself.  Less room for the plants and hard as heck to
>hide the pump in the tank.  The AQ mini works best for this small of a tank

I have two tanks of this size. On one, I have an AquaClear MINI. It's 
wonderful, and if you have the slightest bit of creativity, you can come up 
with many ways to further slow down the flow. I have no filtration on the 
other tank, and I guess I'm more or less relying on heat convection for 
"current." I have DIY CO2 going into both of these tanks, and no method of 
diffusion, so we're looking at minimal efficiency. But I do notice a huge 
difference if I don't inject any CO2, so the plants *are* reaping benefits 
from it. I'm coming up with ideas on how to prolong the contact time 
between the CO2 and water.

I would think that the Mini-Jet 404 would be better-suited to your needs 
than the Micro-Jet. According to the specs, the latter can only be slowed 
down to something like 32 gph and has three settings, while the Mini-Jet 
404's lowest setting is 13 gph and can be adjusted to several flow speeds 
up to 108 gph. I've used the Mini-Jet for a 5.5-gallon tank and had CO2 
bubbling into the intake; however, the efficiency was a little *too* good, 
and the sound of the bubbles hitting the impellor was very annoying, so I 
removed it. I eventually discontinued the CO2 altogether and now I have an 
AquaClear MINI on this tank. I dose with Excel.

As a side note, if you choose to use an AC MINI power filter, you'll need 
to get a glass top custom-made (4 3/8" X 11 1/2"). The "Versa-top" made for 
this size tank doesn't allow room for more than a single electrical cord or 
airline tubing. Also be sure to select appropriate plants - small and/or 
very slow-growing ones are best.