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AH Supply, too much light, was Re: Dust Algae

<<When I set up my 90, I did the math and installed 3 - 96 watt AH Supply CF
 lamps in order to get 3 watts per gallon. Then I read that these lights are
 160% efficient compared to the older lamps that the 3 watt rule is based on.
 A combination of more efficient lamp and better reflector design. I turned
 off one of the lamps and that reduced a lot of algae troubles.>>

Okay, technical question: If you've got a 2x36 setup (from AH Supply), can you simply disconnect one of the bulbs or will it hurt the ballast to be running just the one? 

-Molly & the fish (Whose old Physics teacher would be appalled that I had to ask, but ...)