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Re: Tiny tank and tiny filtration options

Naomi Mizumoto suggested that Tony consider using a MiniJet 404 to
fulfill his tiny pump needs:

I used a miniJet 404 on a small fountain my daughter and I built.  The
404 has very thin vanes on its impeller -- about 1/16th in high by
1/32nd thick by about 3/8ths long.  And they are not a flexible
material.  The impeller on many powerheads will rattle if the water
level gets too low.  Whenever the fountain's water level went too low
and the pump began to slurp, we would top off the fountain and we
thought everything was fine.  Actually, the pump was self destructing
each time this happened,  When there was insufficent water for the 404,
the impeller rattled around inside the powerhead and broke off it's
(the impeller's) vanes.  Replacing the impeller costs about as much as
the pump.

An aquarium is less likely to have its water level get too low, but I
thought you'd like to know.  Can't speak for other tiny whinies :-)
until the replacement pump (Rio 180) arrives, the 404 is the only tiny
whiny I've used.

Scott H.

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