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what our listmom can/can't do

On Wed, Mar 06, 2002 at 05:04:14PM -0600, pets wrote:
> Cyn claims she has no way to edit or delete any post.

This is the truth; she cannot.

APD is a majordomo email list. How do I know? Simple. I asked - it's
not a secret.

Majordomo has the capability to split the *ownership* responsibilites
of a list from the *list administration* responsibilites. Cynthia is
the list administrator. Basically a list administrator's
responsibilities lie in the area of managing the subscriber list, and
they really have little to do unless there's a problem since
subscribing and unsubscribing to a majordomo list can be set up to be
totally automatic (as it is with APD). In addition, the list
administrator often gets all ill-formed messages (or messages sent to
the list from the wrong address) bounced to them for perusal and/or
action should they so wish.

But that's it. All of the tasks performed by a majordomo list
administrator are performed via email using special commands and a
password in the body of the message (in a manner not unlike the way
everyone subscribes to the list). Cynthia has no access whatsoever to
the file system on the Actwin machine - she could not delete a prior
posting even if she wanted to.

This is not brain surgery. Majordomo has been around for a long time
and is very well known. If you do a web search on "majordomo list
administration" you will even find tutorials explaining every command
and function of such an administrator. If you're still not convinced,
download the software yourself (it's free) and play with it. Or talk
to anyone who has ever managed a majordomo list (there are thousands
of us around) and they'll fill you in.

Dan Resler                            email: dresler at vcu_edu
Computer Science Dept.
Virginia Commonwealth University           
Richmond, VA 23284-3068 USA