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Canadian based fertilizer company

Plant Prod is a Canadian company based in Ontario that manufactures 
fertilizer products.  I am wondering whether or not they are suitable for 
use in my tanks.  They have a myriad of products, but the two that I am 
specifically interested in to start with are Iron Chelate 7% and Potassium 
Nitrate 12-0-44.

The Iron Chelate 7% also contains 48.6% DTPA.  I'd like to hear people's 
opinions as to whether or not they think it's safe/useful or not and in 
what sort of doses it can be used.  I bought a 350g tub of this stuff last 
year for the garden.

The Potassium Nitrate 12-0-44, I bought this week from a wholesaler in 
Calgary.  I hope I can use it because I've bought 15kgs of the stuff!  In 
addition to the main ingredients, it also lists the following ingredients:
Boron 0.02%
Chelated Copper 0.05%
Chelated Iron 0.10%
Chelated Manganese 0.05%
Molybdenum 0.0005%
Chelated Zinc 0.05%

I struggle to maintain any level of nitrate in my 100 gallon tank.  A few 
months ago, Tom Barr (oh star of my universe!) suggested adding three 
quarters of a teaspoon of KN03 to bring my level up to between 5-10ppm.  At 
that point I had a very small amount of KN03 that I had bought from the 
pharmacy to pickle beef with.  That's now run out, hence my purchase.

So same question applies, is it safe, (bit worried about the copper 
element), how much should I use etc. etc.

If the chemists on the list think that this stuff is appropriate for use, 
I'll happily share it with anyone who wants some in the Calgary area - just 
bring your own yogurt pot and make a donation to the fund.

Oh, one last thing.  I also bought some K2S04 from a local hydroponics 
store, which I've been adding at the rate of 1 teaspoon a week to my 100 
gallon tank.  Should I continue with this, or not if I am using the new 
KN03.  I am also adding 15mls of TMG twice a week.

I'm not aiming for explosive growth here.  On the contrary, as I am going 
to be gone for approx. 1 month shortly, leaving my eighteen year old son in 
charge, so I have to employ the KISS method during this period!


JC in Calgary