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Re: New list blather and other putdowns

>Arthur said:
>"And yes, I will be starting my own list.  

Gary Lange wrote:
>Heyyyy didn't we try this years ago with the newsgroups?  Let's split them
>out so we can have an Amano_san group and a HateAmano_san group.  Pretty
>soon we'll have nothing left.

Although Gary came across pretty strong, he is a good guy and very correct
in his viewpoint! IMO, the better way to encourage more artistry in aquatic
gardening is to guide the uninitiated. Although aquascaping hasn't been my
shtick,  it is always possible that I can change.:-) Now that I am
partipating in APD again, I would hate to see a talented fellow like Arthur
leave (or divide his time) and take other potential contributors with him.
I do like the idea of web sites to showcase aquatic designs which will
encourage more participation in the AGA and ADA events. Hot links from the
APD email would be great!