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Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com

I must say that I was very "impressed" with a lot of the comments that my
post generated. Some of you chose to attack me rather than discuss the
issue. In negotiations that is considered a "bad tactic" since it implies
weakness. Others, such as Arthur posted the following:

"I don't represent ADA in any fashion....but I will say it is probably
unfair to call a company a "scam" in a public forum, without backing up what
you say. Perhaps some others on this list can share their hair-pulling
experience... "
Now really Arthur. Your website http://awaqua.com seems to be QUITE
CONNECTED to ADA. I invite others to check out Arthur's very nice site.
Amano Advertising everywhere and you sir wish to judge my commercialization
This is exactly what I am saying here folks. Amano may have started off as a
photographer (YES an Artist), and did create some very interesting and
beautiful Aquascapes (Yes artistic), but somewhere along the way the mighty
dollar started making its presence. I do not think for an instance that his
Zen poetry and "Earth, Wind and Fire" could sustain any tank using his
I stand by my opinion that Amano and ADA are totally overrated and highly
commercialized. I would like one of you close cronies to him to ask him who
his marketing agent is. I guarantee you that he has one ! 
If you truly wanted to promote his techniques there would be more theory and
technical information in is books and less Japanese poetry. Why is it people
that in all of his books be flaunts his ADA brand everywhere ? He never
talks about generic fertilizers or substrates or filters. Everything is ADA
A planted aquarium, IMHO, should be a closed ecological system

If you are going to reply to issue then lets discuss.
If you are going to attack me and be an idiot don't bother because I will
ignore you.