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Re: AGA and things considering (long)

Howdy again Erik,
    I started this response to bring out a few points, but you covered most
of them in yours.
    As one of the early planners and workers to the first event in 99 ( I
thought our E-mails started in 98?) I would now like to point out a couple
of more things that you almost covered, but didn't go into.  ADA has a full
time staff on site in the publishing house to pull together their event,
that we took a long time to do by E-mail.  They had to have been using seed
money from the same company to offer the prizes and to pay for the full page
ads in the many mags around the world that they did and are now doing.  Yes
we pulled together prizes from different companies at no expense to the AGA
contest.  The entry fee covered the other expenses.  The advertising expense
for AGA event is very low and mostly word of mouth.  I looked at the two
page ad in one of the Mags and noticed only a number 1 pointing to Hong Hong
and wondered if that was what they got for entrees for last year.  Hong Hong
is one of the area's largest producer, exporter of plants and fish and a
neighbor of Japan, what happen there?
    It would be good to see where we are in five years in comparing the two
events.  In business if a company expands too fast with a high cash cost,
they better sell a great product and hope for repeat sales or fall in debt.
Whereas a company that grows slow and keeps expense down will have a better
chance of out lasting the fast high cost expansion. How many years can you
sell a book on the contest and still cover the cost as they are running it
now?  The Japanese's nation and business economy is not having a good time
at the moment, how long can they fund this contest at this pace?
     This year ( Spring semester ) I am only auditing a course that I will
be retaking next  Fall semester. (Last year I couldn't help with anything,
as I had over loaded courses.  Going for a degree in Aquaculture at night at
53 years old which takes it's toll on full time workers. )  I will help in
what ever area that I can.
    Yes, you can enter both contest as far as AGA rules go. Will ADA rules
let this happen, as they have to cover their copyright rules for the book?
    JiM C.
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 00:14:49 -0800 (PST)
From: Erik Olson <erik at thekrib_com>
Subject: Re: AGA and things considering...

On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Diana Berberich wrote:

> Hi Folks:
>     Is there going to be an AGA event this year for
> our aquascapes?

I think the response was positive enough that I will at least volunteer to
make it happen again.  I've had a few people randomly e-mail me asking how
come they can't enter right now.  'course we'll need a better PR team to
start advertising it in another month or so if we want bigger coverage.
I'm pretty awful at PR myself, as evidenced by last year (though we also
had a very very late start).