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Re: Vortex & Diatom

I reread some of the posts made in January and again recently about the
relative merits of these two filters and am starting to think that nearly 30
years with the same trusty & mighty Vortex D-1 filter has biased my view on
this(?).  Since a LFS has a used System 1 for about $45 maybe I should
reconsider.  My 75 gallon tank is located such that the Vortex is fairly
easy to use.  I have a 10 gallon that rarely gets cleaned because it is
inconvenient to set up the Vortex next to it.   About the only time the
Vortex gets used is after pruning and pulling out rooted plants followed by
a water change and then filtering to clean up laterite and whatever else in
the water column.

Some clarification on the operation of the System 1 would help me decide.
Can it be filled with powder and water in a work area and then moved to the
tank without spillage?  That alone might be worth the price.  The
Petwarehouse catalog description includes this statement - "This new and
improved model comes with a larger jar. Fits all aquariums and is easily
adjusted."  Not sure if the "fit all aquariums and is easily adjusted" is
describing the newer model only.  Does it matter if it is a new or old model
in regards to capacity, function, parts availability,  or anything else?  If
it does matter how do I determine old or new model?

TIA for any advice and info,
Jay Reeves