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New list blather and other putdowns

Arthur said:
"And yes, I will be starting my own list.  If anyone on
this list is interested in subscribing to a list
dedicated to artistic issues in aquaria, please email
me.  The list will be public"

Heyyyy didn't we try this years ago with the newsgroups?  Let's split them
out so we can have an Amano_san group and a HateAmano_san group.  Pretty
soon we'll have nothing left.  I haven't gone back to a newsgroup in over a
year but they were pretty sorry then.  A lot of that was because people
wanted to split everything out into a separate group.  There is a lot of
beneficial crosstalk so this really isn't a good idea.  Take a look and see
what's there, is that what you want??
Yeah, I get tired of the "I have BG algae in my tank AGAIN" talk too.  They
use all of the initials, LFS, yada yada so they didn't just fall into the
group yesterday either.  Forming a separate elitist group isn't the answer
though.  Delete and move on.

The Amano bashing.  Hmm, didn't he write his books for the Japanese
population originally and don't they tend to buy into that way of thinking?
Wasn't he selling what they wanted to hear?  The melting pot nation has
always had it's own ideas, good or bad.  We'll probably eventually settle on
our own "American Style" that you can be sure will have less rules than the
Dutch or Amano-style.  There is probably a lot more good in Amano's ideas
than bad though.  I wish that the bashers could have spent a little time at
the last AGA conference.  I went in without a real opinion, one way or the
other, just knowing that some people think he something special.  Their
opinion was based mainly on his writings not on really knowing him.  I went
away from that meeting not thinking that he was some sort of deity but
rather a pretty good hobbyist and an overall good, likeable person.
Certainly not someone who deserves all of these hateful responses.  You
should spend your time bashing someone who really deserves it instead, hey
join the lawsuit :-)

Yapping dogs - Even if they come from MIT (don't they teach manners 101
there?)  I've come to notice over the years that the dogs that bark the
loudest do the least amount of work.  James nailed it right on the head with
Arthur.  Put up or shut up!  Arthur, I hope you won't take your ball and go
home though because you might have a lot to offer both to this group and to
the AGA.  Believe it or not the BOD for the AGA doesn't always agree
entirely on everything either.  Enter the contest next year (if it's
happening) and keep working for the convention, do something positive that
will help push the hobby forward.  Convince them that your ideas are valid,
don't divide them.  Take your Houston plant techies and infect the Houston
Aquarium (cichlid) Society.  If you're convincing you'll open up the world
of aquarium plants to a whole new group.  At least Arthur offers up some
good ideas and comments from time to time although judging from the
responses was just a bit too strident this time.  BTW it does take quite a
bit of knowledge to breed and raise fish, it can also be a real science so
don't look down your nose too far at fish breeders.  Some of the fish
raising "knowledge" that goes unchallenged on this list is pretty laughable.

I would suggest taking a look at the loudest barkers (like Nicholas) and see
if they really do anything for this group, a speciality plant group or any
other aquatic hobby.  I think for the most part you'll find the answer is
no.  They don't enter the AGA contest, they just complain.  They weren't a
subscriber to PAM, they just complain because there aren't good plant
magazines (for $2 each) out there.  They crab that they can't get good
plants but they couldn't take the time to go to the AGA convention and they
don't belong to their local aquarium society.  They think $5 is too much to
spend for a plant and everyone should give them everything and answer every
minute detail of every question, yet they offer nothing of substance in
return.  They demean someone like Amano and most likely haven't really even
read his books all the way through.  Probably don't belong to an aquarium
club so at least they could keep semi-informed on the latest information.
Bottom line, if we all had a chance to look at their "prized aquarium" it
probably looks as nasty as their comments.  Funny how that works.  However I
do think that the yapping dogs have had a negative effect on this and other
lists.  I'm sure that they had an effect on unmoderated newsgroups too.  Ok
so maybe George Booth and Neal Frank are really busy, but it could be that
they just got tired of all of the bashing from the Pomeranians!  Keep it up
and all you'll have left to talk about are your bluegreen algae wars!  Too
bad the list mom won't come out and bash a few heads so we can get back to
playing nice :-)

Gary Lange