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Re: Zebra and Panda otos

Hi Kurt,

I have four zebra otos in my 80 gallon planted tank. Pics of the
zebras can be seen at http://www.bulldogbettas.com/tanks.htm.

They seem to be larger than the regular otos we get in at the LFS.
Not sure what sp. the "regular" otos are though.  The price on the
zebra otos was originally ridiculous because they were newly
imported, but i bought some when the price dropped to $10/each.
So far they have seemed hardier than my other otos, although i
think i lost one to starvation. They are beautiful and seem to be
hardworking (hence the starvation - must supplement with some

The super red pencilfish are amazing. If you can afford them they
are well worth it!

My heart goes out to all who lost friends and family in this terrible
tragedy - and i hope we get in there and kick some *ss on whoever
is responsible!

danville, CA

> Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 23:22:28 -0700
> From: "res0fcry" <res0fcry at verizon_net>
> Subject: Zebra and Panda otos
> Has anyone had any experience with these otos? I work at a fish shop and
> have seen these on the list for a few weeks now. I've even come across a
> photo of the zebra spec. on the net(sorry, no link) but haven't found any
> reference for size, survivability or effectiveness against algae. It was
> beautiful by the way but the price would be extremely high, around 20-25
> bucks each and we just don't have the clientele. And, like I said, I work in
> a fish shop so there's no way I could possibly afford any. Some other
> interesting (but not at all plant related) rare fish species available
> recently are super red and super gold trifasciata pencils and black rasboras
> and black diamond tetras and... okay, I could go on and on but that would be
> for another list I suppose.
> Kurt N.