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In over 20 years of working in SE Asia and Japan as a
writer and newsman what I have seen on CNN and the BBc
is a shock. I have survived the Tokyo subway gassing
by Aum Shinryikyo, been in Beruit and traded comments
with the Maoists in Nepal. But, yesterday was the
worst day this boy from Stoney Creek has ever known.

I was talking to a friend in NY on Yahoo Messenger and
she went offline in midsentence. She didn't come back
online. That was 11pm JST or around 9am NYT. Today, I
found out she was at work when we were chatting and
her company's offices were on the top floors of WTC.I
think we have all lost friends but, never did I think
one of my friends would be in danger's way.

Tokyo Japan

While this is off topic, I hope that it is

I'm both shocked and saddened by today's events in
Washington and New 
My thoughts and prayers are with those affected in any
way by these 
acts of terriorism. I trust in the strength and
integrity of the United
States as a country and its citizens as individuals to
weather this 
situation. To all my American friends, the world is
with you.


James Purchase

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