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This country spans thousands of miles and encompasses hundreds of millions
of people, yet many of us -- perhaps most of us -- have a connection
through family or friends to someone who was killed in Tuesday's attack.
Our modern communications have condensed this huge nation that embraces
every culture on earth into a single village.

I don't believe that this country is on it's knees or that it ever was
brought to it's knees.  Just the same, there is a palpable silence in this
country now.  That silence is reflected on this list, but I hear it too in
our offices, our parks, our stores.  That silence -- which I am breaking
now only after some contemplation -- reflects our communal respect for the
courageous and our prayers for the victims.

It is not a stunned silence that the world hears.  It is the quiet
mediation of a warrior.

Roger Miller