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Zebra and Panda otos

Has anyone had any experience with these otos? I work at a fish shop and
have seen these on the list for a few weeks now. I've even come across a
photo of the zebra spec. on the net(sorry, no link) but haven't found any
reference for size, survivability or effectiveness against algae. It was
beautiful by the way but the price would be extremely high, around 20-25
bucks each and we just don't have the clientele. And, like I said, I work in
a fish shop so there's no way I could possibly afford any. Some other
interesting (but not at all plant related) rare fish species available
recently are super red and super gold trifasciata pencils and black rasboras
and black diamond tetras and... okay, I could go on and on but that would be
for another list I suppose.
Kurt N.