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Re: hot PCF

Glad you found a solution, even if only temporary.  At a minimum, this
buys you lots of time to decide what you want to try, build, install,

I wouldn't count on those vents from AH Supply having much effect. 
Measure the diameter of one of the holes then add up the number of
holes.  You'll find that the total vent opening is very small.  But if
you can get openings a low as possible AND as high as possible, you
might get some helpful convection.  The larger the openings, the
greater the airflow.  Those vents are not actually designed to allow a
lot of air flow.  You might check here for some more choices ( 
http://www.rockler.com/ecom7/searchrslts.cfm?&DID=6 ).  You can also
hunt at woodworker supply houses, looking under cabinet hardware for,
of all things, grommets -- cabiniet makers call those plugs AH Supply
sent you "grommet vents."

I'm not complaining about AH Supply, I think they have generally great
kits, very good prices, and great service.  I have gotten stuff from
them many times.  But I think those vents will useful only where nearly
no venting is needed.  I have a bag full of them somewhere in my
basement, left over parts from AH Supply kits.

Scott H.

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