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Caridinia japonica--escape artists?

> I cannot leave the lid open or anything because I just
> bought 17 Caridina japonica.  You know how they are. 
> Escape artists.  

Uh-oh--my 40 gallon tank has a 2" gap at the back because of my HOT
Aquaclear power filter. It also has five C. japonica in it. On the other
hand, I have to keep the water level an inch or two below the rim because
the top frame leaks a little if I fill it to the brim. Will this be
enough to stop them?

BTW, I was afraid that keeping C. japonica would be hard--recently my
platies have been giving me more trouble than the shrimps (two of which
have already molted--those shells are kinda neat. Anybody know of a way
to preserve the old shells?).

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